6 Efficacy of ‘Mugwort’, a seasonal spring herb

Mug wort has long been consumed as a health food for Koreans. We introduce the efficacy of mugwort, which is considered as the seasonal food of spring buy hippie flip.

Among the effects of mugwort, six representative ones are as follows.

  • First, it strengthens the stomach. Because mugwort’s warm properties improve blood circulation in the gastrointestinal mucosa, it strengthens the stomach, the root of the human body.
  • Second, it purifies the blood. This is because mugwort has a strong blood purification effect. All diseases are caused by turbid blood. 
  • Mugwort has been used for moxibustion for thousands of years because it purifies the blood more than any other medicinal herb.

Third, increase the number of white blood cells and sterilize pathogens.

 Mugwort is also a representative food that boosts immunity because it increases the number of white blood cells that eat various germs in our body and strengthens phagocytosis.

Fourth, it has a strong detoxification effect. Our body is full of toxins such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and various polluting foods, so

This disease occurs and that disease also occurs. 

Mugwort is a detoxifying food that has an excellent effect of decomposing toxins in the body and driving them out of the body.

Fifth, it improves eyesight, improves skin, and strengthens resistance to disease. Mugwort contains a whopping 7,940 IU of vitamin A per 100 g

(Rural Development Administration + Japan Science and Technology Agency standard ingredient table), so

You can expect various effects such as improving eyesight, strengthening skin, and strengthening resistance to various diseases. For reference, an adult needs about 2,000 IU of vitamin A per day.

Sixth, it is a natural medicine for various female diseases. Because mugwort’s warm and warm properties are effective in .

Driving away cold air, it has a good effect on improving various female diseases such as cold, menstrual pain and menstrual irregularity.

It is spring, when mugwort with excellent medicinal properties sprouts into a stream. Let’s actively eat the sprouting mugwort..