Banana Heart Fat Goulash and Shellfish Filling

Today I want to share a banana heart recipe with mussels. Both are my favorites paired in one recipe. Before that, don’t forget to click the ads on my blog and also click Follow blog. Thank you budda bomb.

Before that, I shared an excerpt from USAs Hamad Dusk’s lecture on prayer. Prayer makes one’s life happy. Whoever does not keep the prayers, misery will occur in his life.

What is the reason we are not happy. The answer is because someone left the prayer. to Make yourself happy with prayer

What is the way to be happy?

Take care of your prayers. Life will be full of happiness, full of fun and enjoyment. Instruct ourselves and our families to keep the prayers. In this life, what is important is to keep the prayers.

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Take care of prayer means take care of Allah in him.?

There are people who see a lot of sustenance but are not happy because they leave prayers. Our lives become full of peace when we pray 5 times.

Not ashamed to get all the many favors but we as His servants do not keep prayers.

Prayer is our relationship with God. Allah says establish prayer, pay zakat .

Which is a relationship with human beings. And bow down with those who bow down in congregation. Ibadah is only Islam that teaches its people to bow.

Prayer is the foundation or pillar of religion. Our body has a foundation, which is prayer that strengthens. When there is a problem, go back to the basics of prayer.

Prayer is the basis of religious life. Whoever establishes their prayers is establishing a religion. Prayer is the first question to be asked. If successful, another question will be asked. Prayer is also the first practice to be reckoned with.

I really like banana hearts when made into side dishes.

If it’s just celur, it’s delicious. If you make banana heart teresek, it’s my favorite but it’s a bit trivial because there are a lot of ingredients. So it’s easier to make jerky fat curry.

This fat goulash recipe is not only easy and quick to prepare but also very tasty. If there is no mussel filling, you can replace it with shrimp, it’s delicious too.

Because this seafood when included in the gravy dish it will make the gravy tastier. If not, use anchovies. It’s delicious.

Let’s serve the recipe and how to prepare it below. Don’t forget the preparation video on Azie Kitchen Youtube Channel HERE.

Good luck….

Banana Heart Fat Goulash and Shellfish Filling
By: Azie Kitchen


1 banana heart seed
½ cup filled with mussels
1 box of coconut milk
1 stick of lemongrass – tap
1 piece of turmeric leaf
1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Mashed ingredients:
3 onions
3-4 grains of rice chili

Way way:
The banana heart is cut into 4 pieces and boiled until half cooked. Lift and slice. Tos.

Cook coconut milk with mashed ingredients until boiling. Add all the other ingredients and stir until the heart is fully cooked

Add salt to taste. Let’s put out the fire.