Hotel management: 7 best practices for good management

Conquer and retain customers is a daily task that needs to be done very well. The hospitality industry and hotel management, in particular, have that challenge. 

And it is the responsibility of the managers to ensure the proper functioning of all services and allow guests to come and go satisfied. 

There is no “magic” procedure for this to happen, but some techniques can help – and a lot – in hotel management , allowing you to obtain a good competitive advantage and even stand out from your competitors.

Discover how to manage your establishment well with the 7 best practices that should be considered to improve your hotel management!

1. Have in hand the metrics of all the departments

  • Many people do not understand the importance of metrics, but they are essential for making sound decisions. 
  • With this in mind, have measurable indicators for all areas of the hotel. And if possible, invest in software that produces managerial reports.
  • Following the KPIs or performance indicators is essential to enhance your strategy so that you have better results, more income, even direct sales.
  • Some metrics such as RevPAR allow you a more complete view of the financial reality of your hotel company, so choose the ones that are most important for the profile of your business and pay constant attention to them.
  • In addition, metrics are important data to know which sectors of your hotel management need changes and more attention.

2. Modernize the care of your tourism company

  • The treatment that a hotel gives to its clients is a central part of the actions that have a direct impact on the results, especially on the rate of return.
  • So it is very important to provide good customer service in order to achieve business success.
  • Use technology to update and improve hotel service, in addition to maximizing the guest experience, service can also be a differential for your hotel. 
  • Various tools can assist hotel management with customer data and enable effective direct sales . It is exactly what people are looking for.

3. Build and lead a great team

  • An excellent team of employees is a vital point to bring satisfaction to your guests. In fact, through your team it is possible to know if the internal organization of the company is good or not.
  • Therefore, professional manner and provides training for the staff of your hotel regularly so that they work together for optimum performance of services in your hotel. 
  • In this way, it is possible to consolidate the construction of a cadre of highly qualified employees who understand the policy and culture of the company. 
  • There is no doubt: it is better to manage when the human resources of your company know exactly what to do.

4. Develop a strong internet presence

  • In view of the popularity of social networks, it is essential to be present on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, maintaining contact with your followers and fans.
  • And take care of your online reputation because according to a study published by TripAdvisor , 83% of travelers consider opinions and reviews to be important when choosing a hotel.
  • So to increase your reservations and evolve your hotel services, paying attention to guest comments on sales channels and social networks is essential.
  • In addition, create a website that works properly, even with a booking engine , to offer a possibility of direct sales and chats to clarify the doubts of customers and eventual guests.
  • Through the internet you can have national and international reach. Therefore, take advantage of this powerful tool for managing your business.

5. Accompany your competition to evolve in the tourism sector

  • Companies in the tourism sectors tend to be quite competitive and dynamic. 
  • Therefore, monitoring the competition is very important for hotel management as it allows you to understand the mistakes and successes of other establishments and take stock of your hotel. 
  • In this way, it is easier to make positive decision making. Additionally, you can understand and define your correct positioning in the market. 
  • Follow what they are doing and the prices of travel agencies , tour operators, other hotels or sales channels and then get inspired to improve your services.
  • Observing the good practices of other companies in the hotel industry helps you optimize your operations and gain a competitive advantage.

6. Offer added services for your clients

  • Add additional services through partnerships with other establishments (such as restaurants, beauty centers, among other possibilities).
  • Added services can improve your profitability and the performance indicators of your hotel establishment.
  • It offers discounts and special benefits to guests and for those who are considering the possibility of staying at its establishment.
  • You can look for a tool to create and manage a loyalty program to increase the rate of return, increasing your sales and maximizing the experience of your customers.

7. Seeks constant improvement in hotel management

  • Never be satisfied with the action taken. Innovations crop up at all times, so improve (and your equipment) constantly. 
  • There are hotel management courses in different formats, levels and prices. You will surely find something tailor-made for you and your availability.
  • Guests are always looking for the best for themselves and their family. Consequently, the best-managed establishments are those that remain on the market.
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