How Kinds of People Once Saved the World

Getting out I’m not going to be a volunteer victim George Bernard Shaw said there are two kinds of people in life you know .

He said those that make things happen those that watch things happen and those that don’t know what happened and he said the people to get alone in.

This life look around for the circumstances that they want and if they can’t find them

  • They make up they creator so part of beginning to get unstuck you’ve got to decide that the behavior pattern that you have adopted doesn’t work for you you’ve got to change your strategies and changing your strategy means reinventing .
two kinds of people
  • Your life recreating you and you have the power to do that you can decide that you’re going to change that you’re not going to be a wimp you can decide .
  • That you’re going to stand up to life you can decide that I’m going to live each day as if it were my last you can you have the power to make that decision you can decide I’m going to work on myself and
  • Develop myself I’m going to empower me and all of these things that are happening to me right now they’re just temporary inconveniences .
  • They’re not stronger than I am I’m in charge here overcoming the negative conversation that inner dialog is going on all the time all the time even when you don’t want it to be there you can’t stop yourself right .

Now from thinking you can’t do it it’s going on and so learning how to empower yourself part of doing that is standing up to yourself you’ve got to stand up inside yourself sometimes and say shut up you’ve got to do this I was going to give a presentation and this voice inside of me saying you can’t do this you don’t have everything it takes us shut up

I’m behind on my bills and you telling me what I can’t do I have got to do it you get scared sometimes your mind will go blink on you some people will you will allow to unnerve you and you wonder what’s wrong with me I’m not crazy that’s

Why you’ve got to learn to make a conscious deliberate determined effort to stand up inside yourself working on yourself watching .

That inner dialogue it will determine the quality of your life God created this planet he created of several species now if you’re an atheist it’s okay call it the force let me just say.