NFT: What to Expect from the 2022 CES Pandemic

Between Smart Beds, Metaverses, and NFT: What to Expect from the 2022 CES Pandemic

  • The most important technology fair in the world opens its doors from today until January 7. According to the organization, it will have 2,200 exhibitors.
  • The pandemic cracked normality about two years ago and, to date, with the contagion curve going up and down like an EKG, we have been unable to completely heal the pieces.
  • If not, ask the technology industry that, since January 5, has its eyes fixed on CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the largest international fair in the field.

The event, which will be face-to-face again after 2021 in which all the presentations were made with the screen in between, has been severely shaken by the arrival of the Omicron variant.

  • In recent weeks, companies such as Meta – previously known as Facebook – Google, Amazon or Microsoft have announced their decision not to attend in person.
  • The organization has also made the decision to cut the fair one day, which will now conclude on Friday, January 7.
  • However, it is expected that in that time it will host approximately 2,200 exhibitors. About half of those who gathered during the 2020 edition.
  • Unlike the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​whose next edition will arrive in a couple of months and is more focused on the smartphone market,

The CES has been characterized throughout its history by functioning as a kind of technological thermometer; a showcase displaying the devices and solutions of the future.

Thus, over the next few days, companies will fill the fair with televisions with endless high-resolution screens and new computers.

But also with smart beds that make sleep readings, such as the 360 ​​from the Sleep Number company, or completely intelligent doors, such as the one presented by Masonite, which in addition to a motion light system, includes a Yale lock that works via WIFI or Bluetooth and camera billed by Ring.

What’s coming

Beyond this, solutions called to revolutionize everyday life, such as Artificial Intelligence or the metaverse – that kind of digital world in which companies such as Meta, Epic or Microsoft currently compete .

  • Will have their place at the fair. Hyundai, for example, will allow attendees to create avatars and use them to test concept cars.
  • Samsung, for its part, has shared that it will allow users to decorate their own virtual homes with their devices through ‘My House’, an online experience developed on the Asian metaverse platform Zepeda.
  • The haptic vest developed by the Malaga company OWO Game also has applications for the metaverse, which allows
  • The user to have a sense of touch when playing a video game. Precisely, the ‘startup’ has been awarded the Innovation Award given by the CES.

There will also be a space during the fair to talk about the NFTs; Undoubtedly, one of the technologies that have gained the most importance during the recently concluded 2021. This solution, which allows converting digital objects into something unique thanks to the use of ‘blockchain’, will be on the table in a good handful of the conferences that

Will be held. they will celebrate for the next few days. Precisely, Samsung has announced a few hours ago, within the framework of the event, that it intends to include in its Micro LED, Neo QLED and The Frame televisions a platform that will allow users to acquire this type of goods and, in addition, show off the works of art in token form on their screens.