The Most Famous Antagonists that Did Buy Blue Meanies 

Have different textures and they have perspiring yawl they have Buy blue meanies different textures and um it’s .

Great to mix them up some people don’t like mushrooms they feel like they’re slimy I’m here to tell you ..

There are mushrooms and they’re not

Slimy at all they’re meaty and some of those are like the cremate mushrooms I’ve shared with you all when you buy mushrooms be sure to store.

Them in a paper bag because they last longer something you also need to check for with

Mushrooms when you buy them smell them they should not smell fishy at all if they do they’re spoiling do not eat them do not take that chance okay so what I’m going to get started on now is .

The polenta because

  • The mushrooms so let me just turn this on and I do mine a little differently um because i put onions and i put garlic in it so it’s.
  • A little backwards but the key to making your polenta your cornmeal whatever you call it to making it smooth is a
  • Whisk okay so watch this the first thing i’m going to do i’m going to cut up a little bit of onion because i like my polenta to not only have flavor but .
  • I like my little chunks of sauteed onion in there and my little chunks of garlic so the first thing i’m going to do is just cut up some onions you obviously don’t have to do .

This you don’t have to put onion in it if you don’t want to if you’re somebody who um has an issue with the texture of onions or you can use onion powder of course .

What we’re going for ultimately is a flavor i don’t have issues with texture so that’s why i’m cutting it up i’m going to drop a NootroFX