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Headphones through which they’re listening to a program of music. They’re in the presence of two sitters or guides during.

  • the session who are there to provide reassurance should the volunteer need that. But the instruction, really, to
  • The participant is this is an introverted experience, and you’re to direct your attention inward, on your inner experiences. Not a guided session, per se.
  • There’s nothing to do other than to explore the very nature of the experience and whatever is manifest from that.
  • So this shows the time course of monitor ratings over .
  • Six-hour period. And this is from a dose effect study.
  • So here’s placebo. Increasing doses of psilocybin.
  • You can see that produces very and this is observer ratings.
  • The guide ratings, of overall drug effects.

And so you can see there are very orderly dose and time-related effects here. Effects of psilocybin are coming on at  minutes, peaking at two to

Three hours, and then tapering off toward the end of the session. And by .

  • The time the volunteer’s ready to go home, several hours later, they’re back to normal baseline.
  • Well, as we might have imagined, psilocybin increases a variety of measures known to be sensitive to psychedelic drugs, based on research done much earlier. And these include
  • Perceptual changes, like visual illusions, greater emotionality, increased joy, peacefulness, less frequency of fear, anxiety. So people can become fearful or anxious despite.
  • The preparation and the holding that we do. And that’s important to try to minimize, we believe. And then there are cognitive changes, changes in sense of meaning,

Sometimes suspiciousness or paranoia. But what was most interesting and compelling to me when we first started this work was that in most volunteers, psilocybin produced large increases on self-rated questionnaires designed to

Measure naturally occurring mystical-type and insightful-type experiences. And what I should say is we, in effect, did a

Much more rigorous and controlled systematic replication of Walter Pahnke’s Good Friday Experiment, showing that most of our volunteers showed these kinds of effects. So this is showing post-session