What Can You Do With A Health & Wellness Degree?

You know you want to pursue a career in healthcare and that you want to make a difference in people’s lives, but perhaps not in the obvious direct patient-care settings. You’d prefer not to be confined to a hospital or clinic every day—you want to be out educating and inspiring people in your community.

After some research, you’re starting to think earning a Health and Wellness degree could allow you to do just that. It would allow you to capitalize on the growing Health Care field and help you make a decent living. You also love the fact that it would allow you to benefit the lives of those in your community and leverage your existing skills and interests.

So now you’re probably wondering: What can you do with a Health and Wellness degree, exactly? Keep reading to familiarize yourself with five rewarding career options in this field.

What is A Health And Wellness Degree?

Before getting too deep in the career details, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the degree itself. A Health and Wellness degree covers a broad range of industry knowledge with the ultimate goal of improving the lives of others. This is largely done through preventive action in healthcare. As an advocate of healthy living, a health and wellness professional utilizes many strategies and can be employed in a variety of different fields.

Students earning a Health and Wellness degree can expect to acquire skills related to public health insights, wellness advocacy, holistic healthcare, leadership and management, among others. This knowledge is gained through a diverse curriculum.

Common Health And Wellness courses:

  • Introduction to Healthcare Administration
  • Quality Improvement in Healthcare
  • Contemporary Health and Wellness
  • Multidisciplinary Medical Practices
  • Healthcare and Aging
  • Behavioral Health
  • Epidemiology

This wide-ranging training helps prepare students to serve in a variety of health and wellness careers. When paired with your inherent qualities and passion for improving the lives of others, the skills you’ll acquire with a Health and Wellness degree will help equip you for the rewarding career you’re seeking.

Public Health Educator

A career in public health education involves educating entire communities about health practices and implementing programs to help people live a healthier lifestyle.

In this position, you’ll develop programs for communities, schools and conferences, collaborating with health specialists to assess community health needs. You may also provide insight on health education needs to organizations.

Corporate Wellness Coordinator

Another path you could pursue is that of a corporate wellness coordinator. This career will allow you to put your health and wellness degree to good use by assessing the Fitness and wellness needs of organizations and workplaces. Corporate wellness professionals also design and manage wellness programs and services to promote healthy living.

Health Services Manager

Those pursuing a Health and Wellness degree can also choose to pursue a career in health services management. These professionals manage and coordinate health services for a clinic, department or facility. They may also specialize in an area of healthcare while overseeing operations and ensuring efficiency. If you consider yourself business savvy, becoming a health services manager might be the perfect fit for you.